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Households waste £12bn worth of food and drink

UK householders throw away £12 billion worth of food and drink that could have been consumed every year, according to new figurers from the Waste & Resources Action Programme. WRAP is encouraging people to use up left over liquids in the same way as food. For example, it is encouraging people...

Tips For Great Garden Design

A great garden is not all about whether flowers are blooming or shrubs are trimmed. Although those things can make an aesthetically pleasing space; it’s also about good layout, atmosphere and how the space works for you. Your garden is an extension of your home and your environment, so it’s only...

Benefits of compost for the planet

With recycling becoming a daily occurrence and a huge contribution to making our planet a healthier place, there is still an issue with a large proportion of our landfills being organic (food) waste. This issue is something that can be addressed by composting our own organic waste at home- a...

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