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Gypsum Processing at Enviro Grind

Statuary Regulations relating to the landfill disposal of Gypsum products including demolition plasterboard have enabled Enviro Grind to create innovative environmental solutions ahead of its competitors. Enviro Grind’s Managing Director, Mr Martin Eves, is considered to be a World leading industry specialist in developing gypsum recycling processes and has played a major role in the development of the Gypsum Recycling industry and using his unique skills and experiences has developed processes for use by both small local operators and large multi-national clients.

In 2004 Martin was first off the block when he designed and built Ireland’s first Gypsum/Plasterboard recycling system – a concept which today continually evolves to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. Martin’s original concept and custom designed gypsum reprocessing system has certainly stood the test of time as it continues to recycle gypsum product at Ireland’s largest plaster board manufacturing facility at Gyproc & Isover Ireland (subsidiary of global giant parent company Saint Gobain located in Spain).

Martin’s expertise and early success in gypsum recycling put him on the World Stage where in 2006 he established Envirogyp Recycling Systems (EGRS) and established himself as a world market leader in the design, build and supply of high quality gypsum recycling systems.

To date, the system has attracted interest from Gypsum companies around the world, and installations are currently in place in Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, France and Germany.

The EGRS Gypsum Recycling System processes Waste Gypsum and Plaster Board, removes the paper and other non-gypsum particles, producing product equivalent to virgin Gypsum – allowing the final product to be reused in Plaster Board manufacture and a number of other industries. This protects valuable natural resources by reducing the demand for mining virgin Gypsum and protects our natural environment by removing gypsum residues from landfill.

At the Enviro Grind facility in Co Donegal, a small scale Gypsum Recycling process ensures that locally produced gypsum waste is processed to the highest standards and is utilised in our compost blends and other industries as a valuable raw material, thus creating a sustainable future.

The EGRS system is suitable for the domestic and worldwide market. For more information, please contact us or visit

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