Composting of Organic Waste

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Composting of organic waste

Composting at Enviro Grind Ltd

Enviro Grind offers a long term sustainable solution for the processing of organic waste material through our state of the art In-Vessel composting process.

Enviro Grind’s reputation as an industry leader is advanced by continually reinvesting in the latest technology resulting in superior out comes for the environment and our horticultural product range. This innovative approach to the processing of organic waste is a recognised contributor to landfill gas reduction targets and a cleaner environment while contributing to the Donegal community and North West tourism.

Fundamental to the production of Enviro Grinds high quality horticultural compost is the raw material feedstock. At Enviro grind we compost organic waste from a number of sources including Garden & Park Waste, Domestic & Commercial Catering Waste and Fish & Shell Fish. Enviro Grinds input feedstocks primarily originate from Local Authority Amenity Sites, Landscapers, Waste Contractors, Hospitality/Catering Industries and Food & Fish Processing Facilities.

To assess whether your specific waste stream is suitable for composting at Enviro Grind, clients may be requested to complete a Material Compatibility Questionnaire or supply a sample analysis report. For further information on Enviro Grinds acceptable waste criteria and applicable charges contact us and one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Compostable Food Wastes
Fruit and vegetables /Peelings / Pot scrapings / Bread and doughs / Cooked meats / Uncooked meats / Dairy products / Confectionery / Fish products incl. shellfish / Tea bags / Coffee grounds /Pasta Products / Sauces /Oils-Fats-Grease /Also / Paper plates / Paper towel
Compostable Green Wastes
Leaves / Hedge trimmings / Grass cuttings / Roots / Sawdust / Plants / Twigs and Branches / Hay and Straw
The High Nutrient Value in Enviro Grind Compost

Macronutrients:- NPK in Enviro Grind Compost

The NPK value of compost and soil additives is widely accepted in the gardening and horticulture community as the essential guide for providing details about the quantity of the top three Primary macronutrients required by plants. (Nitrogen N, Phosphorus P and Potassium K)

Equally important to the NPK ratio is the “Plant ready” form or availability of these nutrients. In other words, within the presence of these naturally occurring nutrients, are they converted into a form that enables plants to freely absorb the nutritional benefits they contain?

Nitrogen (N) in Enviro Grind Compost
When considering the nitrogen component in compost or soil it is important to understand the concept of available nitrogen and unavailable nitrogen.

Available (mineralised) nitrogen is water soluble and in a plant ready form. Nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrate, anhydrous ammonia, urea and ammonium sulphate are in a form that is completely available to a plant or convert rapidly to a form usable by the plant when soils have sufficient warmth and moisture for crop growth. One consideration when applying available “plant ready” nitrogen is that during optimum growing conditions during the spring and summer months, available plant ready nitrogen volatises or evaporates into the atmosphere providing little or no benefit to the medium or long term structure of the soil.
Unavailable (organic) nitrogen is an integral component of cells in the organic material within compost. Compost contains nitrogen rich complex organic molecules such as protein, carbohydrates, fats and DNA. The existence of these large complex organic molecules in compost is fundamental to the reduction of nitrogen volatilization and the preservation of many essential plant nutrients.

Plants cannot directly use organic nitrogen. Plants rely on naturally occurring microbes in the soil to break down the complex organic nitrogen and release it into the soil in a mineral form plants can use. This process is called mineralization.
A challenge when using NPK soil additives as a fertilizer is predicting the amount of organic nitrogen that will be released to soil as mineral nitrogen and the rate it will be released.
Mineralization of organic nitrogen to a “plant ready” form is a natural biological process so it is affected by environmental conditions in the soil. Cold, excessively wet, or excessively dry soils all inhibit microbial activity, delaying availability of organic nitrogen in compost.

While this may seem to be a disadvantage or a limiting factor for the supply of immediate available nitrogen for use by plants, this organic nitrogen provides an ideal nitrogen store that is slowly released as mineralised available nitrogen over many growing season when temperature, moisture and oxygen are ideal for microbial activity and plant growth during the summer growing season.

Therefore the benefit arising from the presence of organic nitrogen in compost which will mineralise over several growing seasons far outweighs an oversupply of available nitrogen which continually volatises or leaches out during the growing season before plants have a chance to consume it.

Potassium (K) in Enviro Grind Compost
Potassium (K) from a gardening point of view can be considered as a stand-alone water soluble molecule that is not incorporated into larger complex molecules. Potassium moves freely within soil and is easily leached or rinsed out by heavy rain fall or over watering.
At Enviro grind our process and input feed stock produces compost based products that are rich in available “plant ready” soluble potassium for immediate uptake by plants.
Potassium (K) plays a significant role throughout a plants life and can be described as the “quality nutrient”. Potassium regulates photosynthesis and CO2 uptake in plants as well as regulating water transfer and root absorbtion of water and nutrients. Our potassium rich gardening products at Enviro grind are ideal for producing vigorous healthy plants to be proud of.

Phosphorous (P) in Enviro Grind Compost
Phosphorus (P) shares a similar characteristic to nitrogen in that the majority of phosphorus is tied up in larger complex molecules in compost and soil. When phosphorus is released from compost it tends to bind with soil molecules and is therefore released slowly over several years. Phosphorous which is considered to be the third most important nutrient after Nitrogen and Potassium is essential for converting several plant nutrients into “Plant ready” building blocks vital for healthy plant development and growth. The supply of phosphorous in compost is considered by many as an ideal sustainable alternative solution for gardeners and horticulturalists alike primarily because mined phosphorous soil additives are a defined limited resource mainly due to historic intensive extraction and farming methods.

Micronutrients in Enviro Grind Compost
While the importance of the Macronutrients N, P and K in compost cannot be over stated, likewise the importance of Micronutrients otherwise known as Trace elements is equally significant.
Providing ample plant nutrients is a fundamental requirement for producing vibrant crops that flourish in soils which for a variety of reasons lack small amounts of essential micronutrients such as iron (fe), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Boron (B),and Molybdenum (Mo).
The Micronutrient requirement for plants in many cases is to provide the chemical trigger for hormone production, enzyme activation or photosynthesis within the seasonal cycle. Taking this into consideration it is easier to understand why micronutrient deficiencies in soils are less obvious then that of macronutrients which often result in limited plant growth.
Micronutrients in Enviro Grind compost
The repeated cultivation of specific plants in the same area including lawns will inevitably result in the depletion of micronutrients if they are not replaced.
At Enviro Grind the high quality feed stock arising from food waste recycling brings an abundance of available micronutrients to our compost products. This is why at Envirogrind we think that fortifying your soil with Enviro grind’s compost products is the perfect environmentally sustainable solution for micronutrient replenishment.

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