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Compost Facility

Based in South Donegal, Enviro Grind Ltd are a waste recycling company and suppliers of horticultural products

Horticulture Products

We are suppliers of horticultural products such as Bark Mulches, Coloured chip, Surface covering chip, Equestrian Chip, compost, veggie mix, percolation soil and topsoils.

About Enviro Grind Ltd

With over 20 years experience in the processing and horticultural industries, in both Europe and the United States, Enviro Grind Ltd offers its customers economic and environmentally friendly products and services.


Organic Waste Streams

Composting of Organic Waste
Waste Wood processing and recovery process

Waste Wood Processing

Wood Processing and Recovery

Green Waste Processing

Carbon Rich Green Waste
Processing of products

Gypsum Processing

Processing of Gypsum Products
Waste Wood processing and recovery process

Specialist Grinding/Shredding

Processing feedstocks for Industry
Haulage & Delivery

Haulage & Delivery

Bulk Transportation of Products
Garden & Home

Garden & Home Supplies

Supplying Horticultural Products

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