Haulage & Delivery

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Haulage & Delivery

In the early days Enviro grind began the bulk transportation of our own horticultural products, collecting from local sawmills suppliers and delivering to horticultural and landscape suppliers in the vicinity.

As Enviro grind evolved and expanded into the waste recycling sector so did our transport fleet and the area in which we operate. Currently we provide nationwide transport solutions to all sectors of the transport industry.

Enviro Grind’s transport services operate under:

International Road Haulage Licence No. 110050375

Multi Region Waste Collection Permit No. NWCPO-15-11575-01

Enviro Grind is also registered as:

Authorised Waste Broker/Dealer Registration No. IRE/AG277/16

Waste Carrier/Broker in Northern Ireland, Registration No. ROC UT 4739

Enviro Grind specialises in bulk transport of our equestrian and horticultural products along with movement recyclable materials. Please contact the logistics team for more details on our competitive transport rates.

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We are suppliers of horticultural products such as Bark Mulches, Coloured chip, Surface covering chip, Equestrian Chip, compost, veggie mix, percolation soil and topsoils

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